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M4r converter for Mac and Windows helps you convert AAC to M4r in iTunes for FREE and convert AIF to M4r, Mp3 to M4r, WAV to M4r, WMA to M4r, M4a to M4r, and make iPhone ringtone files and upload to your iPhone.

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Convert M4r (Mac, Windows)

The M4r converter solution is able to help you easily convert AAC to M4r in iTunes for FREE and upload the iPhone ringtone M4r files to your iPhone. The article also describes the way for converting AIF to M4r, AIFF to M4r, MP3 to M4r, WAV to M4r, WMA to M4r, M4a to M4r iPhone ringtone files, etc. All popular formats are supported.

Best Solution: Straight convert all popular media format to M4r and create iPhone ringtones (for both Windows and Mac OS X users)

mp3 to m4r converterMP3 to M4r Converter, a powerful iPhone Ringtone Maker (Windows version, Mac version), can help you convert audio files from WAV, WMA, RA, OGG, CD, Flac, MP2, AIFF, APE, AAC, M4a, MP3 to M4r iPhone ringtone format, and extract audio from all key video formats (3GP, AVI, MPEG, WMV, FLV, MOV, M4V, RM, MKV, AVCHD, etc.) to M4r. It can also convert purchased music from iTunes store to M4r format. Using this powerful iPhone m4r converter, it is easier than ever that convert video/audio to M4r files and transfer the converted ringtones to your iPhone.

Related software: M4r converter + iPhone ringtone composer Suite helps you composer your own unique iPhone ringtones, and also convert video/audio files to M4r format.
M4r to MP3 converter
can help you convert iPhone ringtone to MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, M4a, OGG, AMR and more other popular music formats.

Solution2: How to convert AAC to M4r manually using iTunes 7.4 (Windows, Mac)?

That ringtones and song files are only distinguished by file extension. The file extension for Ringtones is "M4R".
1. To add a ringtone to your iPhone, using Windows Explorer or Finder just duplicate and rename any AAC file with a "M4R" extension, then double-click on it. This file will be added to your iTunes library automatically. (Some are reporting a size limit for the music file, so if you have trouble, using a smaller file may help.)
2. Now, click on your iPhone in iTunes, and go to the ringtone section. You should now see your new ringtone. If you want to be sure about the sync, feel free to click "selected ringtones" and check off the file explicitly, though this shouldn't be required.
3. Now SYNC your phone. You're Done!

How to convert AAC to M4r using software (Mac)?

Download iRing (freeware, works on iTunes 7.4) or iRing2 (freeware, works on other iTunes versions). It takes the AAC file, turns it into an m4r file, lets you move it to your iTunes Ringtone folder, then converts it back to an m4a file after its there.
I’ve successfully uploaded 2 rintones to my iPhone using it. If you don’t have a Ringtones folder in your iTunes Music folder you will need to create it for iRing to run the scconvertt properly.
Note: iTunes must beclosed for it to work. If iTunes is open, it will not add the file to the Ringtones tab on your iPhone.

Convert MP3, WMA, WAV, AIF to M4r and create iPhone ringtone (Mac, Windows)?

Switch audio file conversion software is a sound file format converter for Windows or Mac. It can convert audio files among many different file formats mp3, wav, aac, aiff, aif, wma, etc.
If you need to convert other formats to M4r (such as AIF to M4r, AIFF to M4r, MP3 to M4r), just convert your music files to AAC first using the Switch audio converter, then encode AAC to M4r as the iPhone ringtone. The solution also supports aiff, ogg, aac, wma, dct, au, cda, raw, msv, dvf, vox, wav, mp3, mp2, mpga, dss, sri, shn, dss, m4a, ogg, avi, mid, flac, atrac, gsm, msv to M4r conversion.

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